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In some parallel reality, I'm a trailblazing journalist.  In another, I'm a serious academic digging into European intellectual history.  In a third, I'm scribbling poems in obscure cafes.  In a fourth, I've devoted my life to translating Latvian literature.  In the reality I inhabit, I do some of each. Here are glimpses into some of my other writing work.




"So Weird and So Awesome: Rachel Maddow," profile and interview published online, Fall, 2009.


What could be more fun then writing about a fellow Rhodes scholar, let alone a Scholar as flamboyant and admirable as broadcast celebrity Rachel Maddow?



California Rhodes Scholar, 1995

Over the last year, the words "Rhodes Scholar" have ricocheted all over the American media space, and this time it's not thanks to Bill Clinton.  True, if you don't live in the US, or don't watch television, you may never have heard of Dr. Rachel Maddow.  In that case, you're also blissfully ignorant of the wild world of US cable news, with its yelling, angry men, purveyors of right-wing extremism and finger-stabbing slander.  Maddow is the antidote to their poison, a media doctor without borders, coming to the aid of what Americans call 'the left wing,' and a European calls 'liberals.'  Both have lacked a strong voice in American media for a long time, and Dr. Maddow is filling the absence with an elegant vengeance.


For more, go to, where you will also find my autobiographical assessment of the nature of the Rhodes Scholarship.


And - make sure you get to know Rachel!  Her show is at..




"Mīla-vīla" (Fooled by Love),  an analysis of the two playwrights, Rainis and Aspazija, published in Robežas/Borders, in Latvian and English, editor V. Matīss. Neputns, Riga, 2006.

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