music theatre/opera

The Gypsy Wife

Song and dance theatre

"Where, where, where is my gypsy wife tonight?
I've heard all the wild reports, they can't be right."

From 'The Gypsy's Wife' by Leonard Cohen


The Gypsy Wife is a theatrical affair about the bonds of love and the weights of sex. As the Gypsy Wife, singer Patricia O'Callaghan picks through the landscape of sexual betrayal and adventure, and finds herself in rumpled beds, in the belly of a Mexican bus, in a tired cafe, at the bottom of the sea... Working with choreographer Julia Aplin, dancer Robert Glumbek plays her husband, questioning, desirous, hating, loving. The extraordinary Gypsy Wife band plays a variety of roles, including, of course, her lovers. Camie Koo's set is a witty and surreal venue for sex and fury, where the 'silver knives are flashing in that tired old cafe.'

Inspired by and including the Leonard Cohen song "The Gypsy's Wife", this night of passion features original work by musician John Gzowski, singer Patricia O'Callaghan, director Banuta Rubess, and other unexpected sources. Initiated by the Banff Centre for the Arts, this project was extensively developed with the Tarragon Theatre, Toronto. In 2007, a cabaret version of the piece wowed the audience in Banff, and another cabaret is scheduled for October 31/November 1 2009 at the Young Centre in Toronto.