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The Birds' Opera

Directed by Baņuta Rubess


The Birds’ Opera is an opera for children which has been sell-out hit at the Latvian National Opera since it opened on December 22, 2000. By now, every child in Latvia knows the songs by heart.

The story is based on Dr. Dolittle, and the plot revolves around a lost canary and an opera production performed by birds.With a book by illustrious author Māra Zālīte, the music is by the popular composer Jānis Lūsēns. Designed by the Jurjāne sisters,

Rubess’ production delights young spectators with its exuberant imagery and sheer fun to this day. In 2005, she re-staged the Opera for the castle ruins in Cēsis.

Here is a scene.

A DVD of the production is available with English subtitles.


Dr. Dolittle and his assistants

Photogallery - THE BIRDS’ OPERA



The Birds’ Opera for Flying People, Inese Lūsiņa , Diena, December 27, 2000: “An intriguing opera production which can compete with the lively Disney animation films.”

December 12, 2000, Diena. Lilija Dzene “An event with cultural import. A synergy of good energy.” Anda Burtniece “A stunning production made up of bright colours and movement, where everything keeps changing, shimmers and shines..” Henrieta Švāne “Finally a kids show which doesn’t pretend to be meant for adults. A delight for the eyes and the ears.”