music theatre/opera

OPERA TO GO – 1 and 2

5 minute chamber operas for two singers

Direction by Baņuta Rubess

Music by 9 composers

Libretti by 7 authors

Produced by Tapestry Opera Works, Opera to Go was a heady introduction to new opera. The first Opera to Goexplored themes ranging from incest to haiku, while second moved from the story of a tormented Goya to the first woman to climb Mt. Everest. Together with conductor Wayne Strongman, Rubess worked with all authors and composers as a dramaturge as well as director. When the operas were staged at the Distillery, she mounted each opera on a different stage, inviting the audience to move from one experience to the other.

Lynne McMurtry & Xin Wang in Opera to Go II, designed by Teresa Przybylski and Angela Thomas /Photo by Michael Cooper @ 2004



OPERA TO GO, four new mini-operas, Tapestry New Opera Works, a showcase production for Opera America, Toronto, 2002 and OPERA TO GO 2, five new mini-operas in the Distillery District, Toronto, 2004.

Photogallery - Opera to Go, Photo by Michael Cooper @ 2004


"This is a great night out for any lover of music and theatre, a showcase of great talent, and an example of how a shoestring budget can put on a great show. "Toronto Star - Friday, April 2nd 2004