music theatre/opera

Fruits of the Earth

Devised and directed by Banuta Rubess.

Music by Nic Gotham

Part of an evening including GIFT PACKAGE  by composer Ģirts Bišs.

Performed by the Latvian Radio Choir and the Riga Saxophone Quartet Conducted by Kaspars Putniņš at the Latvian National Opera, New Hall.


Inspired by the fantastic cooking of Latvia's best chef Mārtinš Rītiņš.


Fruits of the Earth is an oratorio in motion for voices and saxophones, in several European languages - English, Latvian, German, French, Latin. The piece is about cooking and childbirth and the text is drawn from various authentic sources from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


fruits of the earth


Part One takes place in a cooking class, where a dominating CHEF lectures cooking students from various countries. Part Two happens in an obstetrics class in 1777, conducted by Dr. William Smelliie. As he lectures, one of the mothers goes into labour.  However, though all fear for a poor outcome, a healthy fruit of her womb is born.


Photogallery - Fruits of the Earth



From the press release for ‘Fruits of the earth fruits of heaven“ in 2003.

In the New Hall of the Latvian National Opera a special opera project has been created – the spectacle ‘Fruits of the earth fruits of heaven’, which unites music with performance.
The spectacle consists of two parts, both composer and saxophonist Nic Gotham’s composition Fruits of the Earth and the sound designer Girts Biss miniature collage Gift Bag. With the participation of the Latvian Radio Choir and the Riga Saxophone Quartet, conductor Kaspars Putniņš.
Gotham and Bišs experimental pieces are hard to classify according to classical music genres, therefore the choice of the term "spectacle“, which will be directed by Baņuta Rubess, bUt the visual interpretation will be by Kristaps Ģelzis.
"The Fruits of the Earth" are, on the one hand, the fruits we eat, and, on the other hand, - the fruit of our bodies, of ourselves. Both versions of the meaning of „fruits of the earth” are referred to in the first part of the evening’s performances. In the beginning the stage is like a realistic TV cooking show, with actual cooking and a dessert that is created during the performance. It’s followed by the section regarding childbirth, in which texts from the 18th century are used – lessons for midwives. The stage will be a „clinical„ presentation – the work of doctors will be visible on the screen, and in the end, a child is born.
In the second part – „Fruits of Heaven“ the miniature collage by commercial sound designer Bišs called GIFT BAG. This consists of 14 short pieces, which are advertisements for feelings, which are hard to define. The stage is set for a technological presentation – a photo studio, which has to create images for fantastical products.