music theatre/opera


Boots is a site-specific opera installation produced by Urbanvessel at Opera Peep Show. Presented by the amazingly monikered LIEDERWÖLFE (SongWolves) at the Campbell House, April 28-30, 2016

Boots was an interactive performance installation written by Juliet Palmer, starring singer Christine Duncan and a cast of over thirty pairs of boots. Christine procured these boots (and many more besides) over the past ten years from secondhand stores, online auctions and retail outlets and adds to her obsessive collection weekly. Boots explored Christine’s relationship to her footwear through voice, text and found sounds. An intimate opera experience, up in the Campbell House Museum bedroom.

Musical Direction: Juliet Palmer

Dramaturge/director: Banuta Rubess

Performers: drummer Jean Martin & vocalist Christine Duncan

Read more on the Urbanvessel site.