Boom, Baby, Boom!

A jazz play.  Music by Nic Gotham.  Four men, three women, one jazz quartet.

Premiere 1988, directed by Baņuta Rubess, Du Maurier World Stage Festival, Toronto.

Nominated for a Dora, Outstanding Production, Small Theatres.

Beatnik meets ethnic, 1959.The true story of Clement Hambourg, the black sheep of a family of European musicians, who starts the first jazz club in Toronto.  The House of Hambourg on Yorkville Street is his pride and joy.  One night, Austra Mednis clambers through the window, a runaway from her refugee past.  Clem gives her safe haven in his beehive of boptivity. But bankruptcy is going to hit them like a bomb.

Published in The CTR Anthology, University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1993 and by  Exile Editions,  Toronto,1995