Horror High

A teen drama about suicide. One man, one woman, one percussionist/performer.

Premiere 1989, directed by Baņuta Rubess, for Theatre Direct at Factory Theatre, Toronto.

Nominated for a Dora Award, Outstanding Production in Children's Theatre.

The story of a teenager whose his friend dies in an accident - or was it suicide? The world begins to look like a horror movie to the boy, and he too becomes suicidal.

The production explored a groundbreaking multi-media technique in which live actors interacted with characters on film (director Keith Hlady). In addiiton, renowned percussionist Rick Sacks performed live as part of the dramatic narrative

Excerpted in Acting Out: Scenes and Monologues from Theatre Direct Productions for Youth, ed. Lynda Hill, Playwrights Canada Press, 2006.





The story of HORROR HIGH is told in a multi-media fashion. For example,fantasies of anger and death are explored in dance. At crucial points, the two characters interact with films depicting their fantasies, their extreme perceptions of reality, and their darker sides. The character Sam, is also a percussionist, and provides an important live music element throughout the play.

Scene One
MUSICAL INTRO: wild. zombies from hell.

SPHINX standing in shadows, some light on the face, her movie usher’s flashlight is ON.

SPHINX:    This morning I got up and went down for breakfast and I think my mother poisoned my cereal because I had cramps all day. My sister was hogging the bathroom so when she came out I strangled her. When I finally got to school, I was slapped with a detention. It seemed like everyone was staring at me. They must have noticed the punctures on my throat. My teacher’s head exploded just before the bell went. It was disgusting. I nearly threw up. When I was in the pool, a giant barracuda came out and ate half this girl’s legs. I couldn’t really get excited about that because the poisoned cereal had burned a large black hole through my clothes. I was worried someone might notice and think I had my period or something. Luckily, everyone else had turned into a zombie from hell.

I have no friends so I couldn’t go and meet one.

After science I had a spare and went to the library, but Miss Myers came after me with an ax. So I figured I would study at home instead. When I got home my mother was back early. She chained me to her wrist and offered to drive me to work. As we walked to the garage, she hummed the death march. I forgot to mention:  she was wearing a hockey mask.