This is for you, Anna

One act.  Collectively created by The Anna Project, an ad hoc group of performer/creators --  Suzanne Khuri, Ann-Marie MacDonald and Maureen White and Baņuta Rubess. Four women.

Initially performed in a short version in 1983 as part of the Women's Perspective Festival in Toronto. Collectively directed.  Produced in 1984 by Nightwood Theatre.

Nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore Award for Innovation in Theatre.

In 1983, Marianne Bachmeier walked into the courtroom and shot the man who murdered her seven-year-old daughter, Anna.  The play based on Bachmeier's story -- This is for you, Anna is an investigation of women reacting towards violence. This production played in women's shelters, theatres, moot courts, and festivals, and toured Ontario and England. Nominated for a Dora for Innovation, this imagistic and challenging drama is a perfect vehicle for four strong female performers.This is for you, Anna ihas been repeatedly published by Canadian Theatre Review. The play has been produced by many other ensembles, most recently in 2015 at the Hart House Theatre, director Chelsea Dab Hilke.

Published by Canadian Theatre Review, Toronto, Summer 1985;  and in The CTR Anthology,University of Toronto Press, Toronto,1993.


The Rape of Lucretia



Is this the face of a murderess?


Photos by Megan Vincent from the production of This is for you, Anna directed by Jessica Glanfield in the Distillery District in Toronto, 2008.










A thousand sins, a thousand tragedies.
Marianne Bachmeier is born in 1950, in Lubeck, Germany.
Such a pretty girl!
She cries too much at night.
Her father is an alcoholic.
She is sent to a children’s home.  So was Marilyn Monroe, wasn’t she?
She is encouraged not to get an education.
Isn’t she a bit young to have a boyfriend?
At the age of sixteen she tries to get an abortion.
She almost goes to India.
She wears her skirts awfully short, but so did everyone in those days.
She is pregnant at the time of her second rape.  Who’s the father?
Some women get puffy and ugly when pregnant, but not Marianne!
She never does kill herself. Unlike Marilyn Monroe.
She decides to keep the child.
She decides to keep the child.
Her daughter Anna is just like her mother.
She was really beautiful.
Marianne is rarely at home.
She asks her girlfriend to be a mother to Anna.
A man called Grabowski strangles Anna when she visits him in his room.
Marianne is away, driving around town.
He tells the court that Anna flirted with him.
Anna was seven years old.
Marianne walks into the courtroom and shoots him seven times.
There was spontaneous applause.
She came to the trial with her new boyfriend.
A thousand tragedies, a thousand sins.