Varoņdarbi (Heroica)


In Latvian. A musical in two acts for eighteen characters. Composer Dace Aperāne.

An iconoclastic comedy.

Premiere 1979, directed by Baņuta Rubess, produced by the Latvian Youth Song Festival at Place des Arts, Montreal.

Published privately in 1979.


Varoņdarbi (Heroica) counts as Baņuta's first work. She wrote and directed the musical in 1979, with a cast of 18, and a complete orchestra, all performed by amateurs who flew in from across the globe. Gleefully toying with sacred cows, her re-visioned national heroes were urged to question authority.  Varoņdarbi (Heroica) premiered at a youth arts festival on the huge stage of Place des Arts, Montreal The resulting scandal in the Latvian diaspora pitted one generation against the other, and as a result, subsequent productions in New York and Toronto were sold out.


A caricature implying that the musical was a Communist provocation

VD caricature

The poster designed by Uģis Nīgals with a nod to the Rolling Stones