Chillbots™: The Friends You Can Buy

A novel for ages 12-15 about a prankster and his robot

Chillbots™: The Friends You Can Buy takes place one lurch into the future, in an unnamed city. Emīls is a fourteen-year old liar and thief in need of a friend. A mega-corporation selects his school to test their brand new products, a line of robots designed for teenagers called Chillbots . Emīls soon discovers that robot friendship is packed into a neural implant and delivered via a hypodermic needle. He tells no one, not even the amazing Jennifer, until his robo-friend Donovan draws him deeply into disaster.

As yet unpublished in its original English, the book was popular with readers in Latvian translation, published by Zvaigzne in Riga, 2011.


Labie draugi




Marie Curie won two Nobel prizes, but was killed by her own experiments. The inventor of the kaleidoscope was blinded by his research. Louis Slotin died working on the atom bomb because his screwdriver slipped. Three astronauts burned up on the launch pad just before take-off and another seven died as their shuttle returned to earth.

Science takes its toll.

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