Directing in Canada


Ladies and gentleman! Who thinks love is biochemical? a vibration, an act of fate, a gift from God? A punishment?

-- excerpt from the upcoming show


For two years, choreographer Julia Aplin and I talked to people with a seven in their age. A seven year old, bouncing on her bed; a twenty-seven year old at a donut shop; a thirty-seven year old watching his kids; a fifty-seven year old therapist; a sixty-seven year old with a crazy tattoo; two ninety-seven year olds in their homes.


We donned white lab coats, plastered the name tag 'Love Expert' on our chest, and accosted people on the street during Nuit Blanche, asking them to tell us about love, and they did.

 The true stories were inspiring. Funny, sad, profound.

We shared our discoveries in a multidisciplinary work at the Paddock Tavern during Summerworks August 2016, together with an extraordinary ensemble. We gave the audience  the microphone to tell us what it's all about. Showers of rose petals were their reward.

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Q: How do you know you're in love?


A: You just feel it – (pointing at his heart) you feel it right here.


(cue for rose petals)