Directing Students

 Between 2010 and 2020, I directed six productions at two Canadian universities. I adapted the sexual politics of Aphra Behn’s The Rover to Harvey Weinstein’s Hollywood for a production at Ryerson University. At the Centre for Drama at the University of Toronto, I staged a contemporary version of an 18th century German potboiler, Katie of HeilbronnAn Obsession by Mr. Heinrich von Kleist; guided students in devising an homage to Viedocabaret with a show about Yorkville Avenue called Around the Block; adapted a novel by Virginia Woolf with students and called it You Are Invited to the Cast Party after the Production Formally Known as Mrs. Dalloway; delved into an immersive, devised rendition of The Rules, a play by American playwright Charles Mee; and shook the stage with Howard Barker’s The Possibilities. 

Aphra Behn: The Rover

Collective Creation: Around the Block

Heinrich von Kleist, Katie von Heilbronn

Charles Mee, The Rules

Howard Barker, The Possibilities