The Search for Alternatives in Latvian Theatre, 1991 - 2004 

This essay was written for an academic collection and it was hard  to wrestle my subjective impressions into that impartial form. I choose three moments of working in Latvian theatre over a span of a dozen years. I consider the production Atriebēja at the Kabata theatre in 1991; several shows I directed at the New Riga Theatre in 1999-200; and the site-specific event produced by the New Theatre Institute of Latvia, Escape from Troy, in 2004. 

I first visited Latvia in 1978. I was declared an enemy of the Soviet state by 1980, and wasn't allowed back until perestroika. I made my first show with native Latvian actors in 1991, before Latvia was independent, at a very special turning point in history. I moved with my family to Latvia in 1998 and returned to Canada in 2012. 

“The Search for Alternatives in Latvian Theatre, 1991 — 2004: A Creator’s Notebook,” in eds. Vessela S. Warner and Diana Manole, Staging Postcommunism: Alternative Theatre in Eastern and Central Europe after 1989, University of Iowa Press, 2020, pp. 47-60.


Escape from Troy