Froth is one of the freshest theatrical concepts to come along in some time, and it’s almost impossible not to get caught up in its magic.

The Sun, 1996

In the early nineties, I banded together with Alisa Palmer and Leslie Lester to launch a company for independent productions. We bonded over a platform for highly interdisciplinary work that united the human body with the body politic and foregrounded live music. We chose the name FROTH since the word is deceptively lightweight, describing bubbles that are evidence of hidden agitation and underground turbulence.

Our landmark production was devised collectively: Froth: a Show about Shopping and Hysteria, created and performed by Alisa, me and the choreographer-dancer Susan McKenzie in a bankrupt store in Kensington Market. After that run, I became pregnant with my second child and chose not to perform anymore. Instead, I rewrote the show, which we produced a second time with Leah Cherniak as the director and Janet Burke, Bonnie Kim, and Chiyoko Szlavnics performing with Alisa Palmer. The environment for the show was designed by Dany Lyne and Philip Beesley. 

Soon after that, Palmer and Lester took over the leadership of Nightwood Theatre; I birthed a wonderful girl, and then decamped for Latvia.

The script for this show is in manuscript form.